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PKT is an environmentally friendly company. We maintain sustainable development at the forefront of all our business decisions.

We have instituted corporate values to ensure that we consistently apply environmentally friendly practices to all our business dealings. We are committed to minimizing our ecological impact by pursuing environmental best practices and reducing carbon footprint.

Corporate Policy

We strive to contribute to sustainable development by achieving high environmental quality in products, services, and corporate activities.

  1. Rain Water Harvesting
  2. We harvest rain water and the water is then used for general washing and watering of plant.

  3. Energy / Material Efficient Warehouse Design
  4. Natural ventilation is introduced in the warehouses by the provision of large numbers of aluminum louvers throughout the warehouses. The louver admits indirect light and helps the natural air flow throughout the warehouse.

  5. Green Warehouse & Transportation Operations
  6. GPS mounted onto vehicles to monitor drivers’ driving behavior and degree of compliance to predetermined routes aimed at motivating the drivers’ in desired fuel efficient driving behavior and utilization of efficient routes in reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

  7. Landscaping
  8. Pineapples (approximately 20,000 plants) are planted on the land in between One Logistics Hub and Kesas Highway.

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