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Green Warehouse & Transportation Operations

  • GPS mounted onto vehicles to monitor drivers’ driving behavior and degree of compliance to predetermined routes aimed at motivating the drivers’ in desired fuel efficient driving behavior and utilization of efficient routes in reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

  • Engine off policy when waiting at warehouse compound in reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

  • Implemented Warehouse Management System (WMS) in increasing productivity, accuracy and reducing wastage thus resulting in less engagement of essential resources (manpower, machine and money) in preserving the environment in carbon emissions, usage of paper, fuel, utility via the below means:

    1. Optimum Utilization of Resources
    Automation and streamlining of processes ensures that operational bottlenecks are eliminated and productivity increases.

    2. Better Efficiencies
    Intensive checks are kept at each and every stage which safeguards against possibilities of errors in inventory records. As the items are systematically stored and retrieved, no time is wasted in searching for items not in stock and more than one order can be processed at any given time. This results in the increase of efficiencies, eliminating wastage of time due to errors.

    3. Better Productivity Monitoring
    By keeping track of the operator's and staffs' activities, their productivity can be monitored.

    4. Multiple Order Processing
    More than one order can be processed at any given time helping in better resource utilization.

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