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Energy / Material Efficient Warehouse Design

  • Natural ventilation is introduced in the warehouses by the provision of large numbers of aluminum louvers throughout the warehouses. The louver admits indirect light and helps the natural air flow throughout the warehouse.

  • Translucent sheets were placed at strategic locations on the wall of warehouses to harness the natural light during day time to brighten up the warehouses aimed at reducing artificial lighting.

  • Together with the superb heat insulation thermofoil installed below the roof, the indoor temperature for the warehouse is always much cooler than the outside temperature during the day time.

  • Timers are also installed in warehouse to switch on/off lights at set timings aimed at reducing wastage.

  • Light color roof and wall cladding reflect sunlight thus absorb less heat resulting in less air conditioning loading.

  • Low E glass introduced on some parts of the office block at The Ship reduces the heat gain due to sun light.

  • Interlocking paver used for the car park in front of the office block at The Ship also releases less heat to the air comparing with the normal tar mac or concrete surface.

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