Typical characteristics of FMCG logistics business include SKUs that are batch driven by manufacturing date or expiry dates, a high percentage of case picking from pallet pick locations, large order quantities relative to other sectors, seasonality and regular ordering patterns.

FMCG logistics business has demanding execution requirements and are extremely cost-conscious. There is an intense focus on inventory turnover, coupled with high order-fill rates.

Our Strategy

PKT understands the supply chain challenges faced by our FMCG customers and we constantly strive to help deliver solutions by leveraging on our extensive supply chain know how, availability of purpose made warehouses, utilization of systems and technology and extensiveness of distribution network.

Our clients tend to enjoy faster time-to-market, higher order fulfillment rates without incurring high start-up costs and greater economies of scale.

Our Solutions

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment
  • Cross Dock Centre
  • Regional Distribution Centre
  • Multi storey Distribution Centre
  • Inbound, staging, putaway, storage (bonded and non bonded), picking, palletizing, shrink wrapping, marshalling and outbound services
  • Warehouse Management System and Radio Frequency integration
Specialty Packaging and Seasonal Promotions
  • Sticker and label application
  • Innovative bundling or kitting services
  • Overflow storage and ancillary services
  • Cost effectiveness from flexible labor-sharing/management at our various locations
Product Recall
  • Detailed listing of dispatched products that warrant recall
  • Dedicated area for recalled product
  • Management of disposal while adhering to strict regulatory and audit requirements
Transportation Management
  • Network design and route optimization
  • Delivery performance and reporting
  • Order consolidation and returns services
  • Visibility and shipment event tracking
  • Transportation Management System (TMS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) configuration and implementation

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