AidilFitri Open House

PKT has been successfully organized AidilFitri every year to celebrate all the Muslims people surrounding our premises.

Traditional foods like Lemang, Laksa, Ketupat and Satay were served to the public for free and kids were celebrated with a packet of ‘Duit Raya’ uring the event.

Chinese New Year Open House

Chinese New Year Open House at PKT offers unique experience where our guests especially business partners were celebrated and served with various halal foods like Chicken Wing, Mee and Cendol.
The guests were entertained with amazing Lion Dance performance by professionals and lucky draws were made to make sure that our guests do not leave our building with empty hands. Angpow money were also given to the kids during the event.

Deepavali Celebration

During Deepavali, we celebrated our Hindu friends by having function with foods like Nasi Beriyani, Cendol and Rojak to be served to the staff. ‘Kolam’ were made, office were decorated  to suit the Deepavali theme surrounding our offices.