PKT Management Trip

PKT Management Trip is an annual trip for PKT upper management team, with vision to travel to all the seven continents of the world! This is inline with DMT’s Walk Your Dream philosophy which is “Focus on working for me, and I’ll make sure you see the world.”

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PKT Company Trip

PKT Company Trip is a biennial trip for PKT employees where we are focusing on team-building and fun activities among PKTians during those trips. More than 200 staff have been brought to travel to Kota Kinabalu (Sabah), ClubMed Cherating (Pahang), Phuket, Thailand & Bali, Indonesia during the trips!

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PKT: Facebook Compulsory Company

In fact, we allow all social networking sites to be accessed through our network as at PKT, we embrace technology into our working environment.

In PKT, Facebook is compulsory and if you are not in Facebook, you are not eligible to work at PKT! Even our cleaners do have their own Facebook account!

Saturday-Off-Together (S.O.T)

S.O.T, or Saturday-Off-Together is a program brought by PKT 5H Working Culture to promote ‘Happy’ working culture in PKT.

Any department that has ‘0’ Tardiness and ‘0’ Absenteeism in their attendance will be awarded ONE Saturday off the following month after the result is published.

World Class Themed-Pantries

Discover the fascinating themed office pantries like Lake Agnes Teahouse, Kirawira Tea Tent, Taku Glacier Lodge, Sounkyo Chashitsu and Jamie Oliver Kitchen.

Celebrating Staff’s Birthday

At PKT, we celebrate our staff’s birthday parties – as a gesture to appreciate their contribution towards the company.
And we even go further by doing prank to our boss, Dato’ Michael Tio during his birthday! And, he got us the following year, and pranked the whole company! You may watch the videos below:

Episode 1: Prank Our CEO

Episode 2: Prank by Our CEO

Festive Celebrations

At PKT, we are celebrating every festive seasons by having open houses to celebrate each others.

Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali becoming a perfect time for us to having a good time together as PKTian.

We believe that we should celebrate the differences of us, as one.

Fun Facilities

Range of facilities offered such as massage chair, leg massager, pool table, foosball, PlayStation, Astro and many more!