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PETALING JAYA: It was 11 years ago when PKT Logistics Group CEO Datuk Michael Tio started incorporating regular gym sessions into his weekly schedule.

When his fitness improved, Tio took it upon himself to inspire others to travel down the same path of wellness.

I first enrolled in a gym because I wanted to lose weight and counter the tiredness that I was feeling all the time.

I started going there three times a week and I felt the difference. Then I started wondering: if working out could make me feel this good, why aren’t there more people at the gym with me? Tio, 46, recalled.

Today, Tio’s company has an in-house gym complete with staff incentive programmes that reward healthy individuals with privileges ranging from fully sponsored vacations to monthly meal allowances and parking access.

Many companies have their own gym, but a majority of the staff aren’t eager to go. We started our incentive programmes a couple of years ago and I must say they have really defined our office culture that you actually become healthier when you work at PKT.

We’ve had staff who lost over 30kg after participating in our Gymax Idol programme, which is something like a cross between American Idol and The Biggest Loser.

People have jokingly asked whether I operate a slimming centre or a logistics centre. My reply to them is: I prescribe motivation, not medication, he said.

Tio still exercises three times a week in the mornings, which he said prepares him physically and mentally to take on the long hours ahead.

When I first started exercising, it was really tough because I had to schedule my gym sessions at 7am. But now I find it a very refreshing start to my day. Working out has become a sort of anti-stress drug for me, he said.

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