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Second Circular to Customers (Sent 26 Mar 2020)

Dear Valued Customers,

We are writing again to update on the extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to 14 April 2020 and other related announcements from the Government, including the latest from the Ministry of Transport (MOT) today – 26, March 2020.

First of all, PKT Logistics Group shall continue to observe the MCO rulings until 14 April 2020 whereby operations shall be limited to only customers providing essential goods. We shall also minimise operational staff on-site while practising work-distancing and enforce work-from-home for non-essential staff.

Definition of essential goods:

If you fall within this definition, please provide us the added written approval from your relevant ministry (if available) to minimise disruptions from MCO enforcement efforts, to our warehouse and transportation operations and movements of our staff to/from work.

Secondly, MOT has just approved the retrieval of import containers containing non-essential goods from the ports to warehouses for 27 Mar to 29 Mar 2020. We expect that all forwarders (including PKT) will rush to do so causing congestion at the ports, designated roadblocks and even at our warehouses, therefore delaying or even disrupting intended arrivals to PKT warehouses over these 3 days. Therefore, it may be necessary for our warehouse staff to incur overtime to complete unstuffing of containers arriving within these 3 days.

Kindly take note of the above and please contact our customer service / business development representatives for more information.

PKT Logistics Group

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