Celebrating 50 Years of Making A Difference

pkt turns 50!

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary today, we give thankful thought to our incredible journey and the accomplishments along the way. Nevertheless, united in our commitment to continuous growth and quality, we joyfully anticipate an even more exciting and radiant future ahead rather than resting on our laurels.

message from the Top

For five decades, our company has upheld excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. As we celebrate “50 Years of Making A Difference,” we express gratitude to all who contributed to our journey.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is ingrained in our operations, supporting communities and environmental causes. Looking ahead, we are poised to lead in sustainability with unwavering dedication to social progress and environmental stewardship.

Together with partners, we will innovate for a lasting impact. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Cheers to the next 50 years!

Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Michael Tio

Group CE & MD of PKT Logistics Group

message from business partners

“CSR is not about how you spend your profits, it’s about how responsible you make your profits.”

#PKT50: Our CSR Achievements

ABIB - Anak Belajar Ibu Bekerja

ABIB (Anak Belajar Ibu Bekerja) is an award-winning CSR program offered by PKT. This programme is aimed at giving job opportunities to mothers who live in the villages surrounding our facility. PKT provides these mothers training in various relevant areas to enhance their skills.

They are given the option to work from 8.30am to 12.30pm or from 1.30pm to 5.30pm so they can increase their household income without disrupting their maternal or domestic duties.


JBSB (Jom Bekerja Sambil Belajar) is a programme by PKT which gives Peninsula College students the opportunity to earn side income while working part-time at PKT’s various departments to gain relevant experience in the field and gain practical industry experience that helps bridge the gap between theory and practice.


Smart Trucker is a 36 months on-the-road programme that enables graduates to earn monthly earnings of RM4,000 to RM6,000 as professional trucker. At the end of the duration, the graduates would be promoted to executive/senior executive position – with expected salary of RM3,000 to RM3,500.

More about our Social sustainability initiatives

Sustainability is at the heart of our journey

“Sustainability Through Education”


Yayasan PKT

During PKT’s 50th anniversary Gala Night on March 1, 2024, PKT reaffirmed its commitment to educational corporate social responsibility efforts through Yayasan PKT. They demonstrated this commitment by awarding RM2 million worth of scholarships to seven institutes of higher learning.