Our Mission Statement

PKT is a socially responsible company providing logistics services by utilizing local human resources, building environmentally friendly warehouses, open engagement with the communities, inspire other businesses to provide positive impact to people and communities through its activities.

Our Tagline

In May 2020, PKT embarked on a Covid19 Transformation Programme (CTP) to strengthen our circuit breakers that we put in place since 2008, primarily focused on recession proof verticals. This resulted in Project Codename: W3B-VAD; PKT’s strategy to survive future global pandemics and crisis.

PKT’s vision or Wawasan in Malay are:

Wawasan ThreeBees

PKT’s grand vision of a RM 3 billion revenue target within the next 10 years.

Wawasan V50

Wawasan V50 or Vaccine50 aims to diversify PKT’s revenue contribution ratio of 50:50 between recession prone and recession proof segments.

Wawasan ASEAN20

Wawasan Asean20 aligns PKT towards globalisation with a revenue contribution of 20% from regional Asean countries.

Wawasan Digital20

Wawasan Digital 20 is in tandem with PKT’s push to increase revenue contribution to 20% from digital and online sources.

PKT is humbled by our growth over the years; guided by our previous Visions which included:

Wawasan 1B

Wawasan 60:40

Wawasan ASEAN30

Wawasan 5M5