We are looking for ambitious, highly motivated, resourceful, energetic and dedicated individuals to be part of our company’s growth. We recruit only via Facebook as PKT is a Facebook Compulsory Company.

  • We are not looking for people with only qualification.
  • We are looking for a passionate person.
  • Passionate about us, our fun and honesty culture.

How to apply for a job in PKT?

Step 1:
Kindly ‘Like’ & ‘Follow’ PKT Facebook page and Dato Seri (Dr.) Michael Tio‘s Facebook page. You must be a part of PKT fans before you joining us as en employee or intern.

Step 2: Add yourself into PKT Talent Hunter group to see any vacancy at PKT. If there’s any vacancy available, our TalentHunter PKTian will post it inside the group.

Step 3 (if you would like to apply for a position): If you are interested in any vacancies inside the group and you want to submit your resume, kindly add ‘TalentHunter PKTian and submit your resume to her by PM her directly.