Over 27 acres of land, PKT’s sustainable One Logistics Hub consists of The Ship, TheWaves, and The Lighthouse. The Ship was completed in 2009. The Waves a year later whereas The Lighthouse was completed in 2014.

The Ship

The Ship comprises a state of art warehouse and is PKT’s corporate headquarters. The Warehouse has approximately 10,000 pallet locations and a shelving area of over 25,000 square feet with an annexed 5 storey corporate headquarters.

There are 17 dock levellers located on each flank of the warehouse; the offices are equipped with modern facilities done in a nautical theme.

The Waves

PKT’s second generation warehouse named ‘The Waves’ keeps within the nautical theme. The warehouse provides 35,000 pallet positions, 45 loading bays, 24/7 CCTV security system and is also FM-Global compliant. This building is naturally ventilated and lit.

The Lighthouse

PKT’s third generation warehouse also boasts a naturally ventilated and lit multi-storey, split-level configuration which provides approximately 18,000 pallets positions and 15 levels of office cum campus space for Peninsula College, Shah Alam. Peninsula College in partnership with University of Gloucestershire offers a holistic education with our “Campus-In-Industry” concept integrating real-world practical experiences.

The Lighthouse has built-in solar panels to generate renewable energy. It is also equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and a rain-water harvesting system. The warehouse comes equipped with 7 loading bays and 3 cargo lifts, each with a 4-tonne payload capacity.

It is the first Green Building Index (GBI) Gold-certified warehouse in Malaysia.

Ahoy all and welcome on board!
Gather around mates and you are in for a reward,
Aweigh the anchor and set sail The Ship,
With motivation and passion we shall equip.

There may be days of darkness and mysteries,
A time of lost in stormy nights and raging seas,
Keep riding The Waves, my dear friends,
Keep going even if there is no end!

Never fear if you ever lose your sight,
The Lighthouse shall be your guardian at night,
Embedded with an undying flame,
Guiding you through your game.

Honesty and integrity is what we value,
With every challenge we shall breakthrough,
The promise of dreams that will come true,
To be the best in what we pursue!

Poem by PKT Adopted Staff: Xian-Na Soo

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