PKT Facebook Fans Career Day

PKT Facebook Fans Career Day is an event where we provided an opportunity to young graduates and job seekers who have shown continuous support at our Facebook page, to work for our company and our business partners.

Our PKT Talent Hunter group now has more than 18,000 members waiting to work for PKT and during the Career Day, there were on-the-spot job interviews for those who had pre-registered.

There was also a wide range of food served, facility tours and a walk down the “The Sea of Pineapples” which is the group’s landscape, comprising 28,000 pineapples planted over an area measuring 1km surrounding the office.

Festive Celebrations

At PKT, we are celebrating every festive seasons by having open houses to celebrate each others.

Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali becoming a perfect time for us to having a good time together as PKTian.

We believe that we should celebrate the differences of us, as one.

Birthday Parties

At PKT, we celebrate our staff’s birthday parties – as a gesture to appreciate their contribution towards the company.
And we even go further by doing prank to our boss, Dato’ Michael Tio during his birthday! And of course he got us the following year by pranking us back! You may watch the video via the link below:
  1. DMT’s Birthday Celebration (Prank)Click here to watch
  2. DMT Reverse Prank Click here to watch