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Logistics solutions provider hopes to raise the standards of warehousing with its new facility.

Imagine being greeted with a picturesque view of more than 100 Tacoma trees in full bloom as you drive across the highway towards the second Penang bridge.

The 750m-stretch across The 12 Waves warehouse in Batu Kawan Industrial Park will not only see 118 Tacoma trees being planted, but also the construction of a Japanese zen garden underneath the trees.

“The Tacoma trees has been widely talked about on social media as they produce flowers that look like cherry blossoms. They make you feel as though you are in Japan during the sakura season,” says PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd group chief executive and managing director Datuk Michael Tio.

The 12 Waves, which is expected to start operations this March, is one of the three major components of PKT’s Penang-based logistics hub, One Auto Hub. The other two components are The Ship Campus and The Lighthouse Lodge.

About 30% of the trees are expected to start flowering by next year.

Tio has also flown in two Japanese garden specialists from Tokyo to ensure that the Japanese garden, estimated to cost about RM3mil, is up to par. It will include elements such as a mountain, waterfalls, river, koi pond and a paddy field.

“The garden is our way of giving back to society. When we come and take over the land and greenery, we must also remember to give back and having a garden is our way of giving back to nature so that people can enjoy and appreciate it,” he says.

The project will take three years to complete and will be timely for the full bloom of the Tacoma trees in the third year.

“We hope this will be a major attraction,” says Tio.

“We will start work on the garden after we get our Certificate of Compliance and Completion (CCC),” he adds.

Tio says The 12 Waves, which costs RM120mil with a built-up area of 600,000sq ft, is a continuous improvement from PKT’s warehouse in Shah Alam, Selangor. The 12 Waves will have ambient-, air-conditioned- and coldroom-temperature warehouses to cater to customers’ needs.

“I think the logistics industry in Malaysia needs to be elevated to another level to make Malaysia the next Asean hub.

“In terms of logistics capability, we do not have that kind of perception by multi-national corporations or even transhipment users to make Malaysia a hub even though our cost of land is much cheaper and our infrastructure is well connected.

“We are trying to change people’s mindset that Malaysian logistics can also be very advanced,” he says.

The 12 Waves is PKT’s fourth generation warehouse after The Ship, The Wave and The Lighthouse, which make up PKT’s One Logistics Hub development in Shah Alam.

“We started branding The Ship warehouse as our first generation warehouse with green elements such as ventilation and natural lighting. Then we added water recycling capabilities and solar panels to The Waves.

“In October 2014, we completed The Lighthouse, which is equipped with LED lighting, solar panels and a rain water harvesting system. The Lighthouse is also certified under the Green Building Index as a Gold Standard Warehouse.

“With The 12 Waves being a continuous improvement from The Wave, the warehouse is also equipped with natural lighting and translucent louvres,” says Tio.

The 12 Waves will position the company as the Northern freight station. Among the facilities provided there include a Japanese-branded convenience store, food outlets, public toilets, smart truckers lounge and a carpark that comes with a solar panel roof.

“With the smart truckers lounge, truck drivers can have a place to rest and relax. We provide shower facilities, a pool table, television and rest chairs for them to sleep. There will also be a reception area, office suites for rental, boardroom and meeting rooms on the upper floor,” he says.

Tio hopes PKT will be a catalyst to change the landscape of the warehousing business with its Northern hub.

“The 12 Waves is in a new development area in Batu Kawan, which has a need for a logistics hub,” he adds.

PKT also has a presence in South Korea, Taiwan and in most Asean countries.

It is an active proponent of unique and innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and has won many accolades including the Frost and Sullivan Niche Logistics Service Provider of the Year 2015.

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