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Communication is essential in any organisation as a constant stream of accurate information and positive messages help reduce anxiety and panic among staff members during uncertain times.

This is reflected in our Group Chief Executive and Managing Director, Dato’ Michael Tio’s regular Facebook Live sessions where he continuously shares the latest updates and decisions by the management to all employees. This helps our PKT employees keep calm while he guides us through these trying times.

Upon the announcement of the MCO in March 2020, Dato’ Michael addressed PKT staff members through Facebook Live on PKT’s private Facebook Group on 17 March 2020. During the session, he outlined measures taken by the company to comply with the MCO requirements.

As PKT Logistics Group is classified under the transportation sector (listed as an essential service), our operational teams continued working to support customers who were providing essential services. PKT’s non-essential employees continue to support our customers from home where we are reachable by phone and email to attend to our customer’s needs and requirements.

Moreover, PKT recognised the difficulties faced by some staff members who are required to work during the MCO. As a result, the management decided to compensate staff who worked during the MCO with a Hardship Allowance. Staff members received RM50 per day on top of their pay, while those who work for half a day will receive RM25.

Amidst all the uncertainty faced by everyone, Dato Michael shared some very calming news during his live stream in our private Facebook Group on 31 March 2020. He assured everyone that PKT will not lay off or retrench any employees to cut costs during the MCO. He expressed his deep appreciation to all employees for their much needed contribution throughout and after the MCO.

In another move that is widely lauded by staff members, Dato’ Michael introduced the Voluntary Salary Deferment Program (VSDP) on 26 April 2020. This programme is aimed at PKT employees with salaries above RM4,000 where a percentage of their salaries for the months of April, May and June 2020 are deferred.

The deferred amount will be paid back in October with a 5% interest per annum. This win-win initiative is taken to conserve the company’s cash flow during the MCO period while staff get to enjoy an interest pay-out in October 2020.

These reassuring measures remind us that together, we are able to weather through any uncertainties, however tough they may be.

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