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KUALA LUMPUR: In recognition of his ongoing contributions to his British alma mater, logistics guru and entrepreneur Datuk Michael Tio has been selected to receive the first Hull Alumni Laureate award.

PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd’s (PKT) recent Career Day received overwhelming response.

“A total 1,900 Facebook fans RSVP for this event and 1,800 showed up. PKT’s reach through Facebook has created a phenomena in Malaysia.

“Originally, we intended to host an annual meet-our-fans day. But with the thousands of Facebook fans looking for job opportunities with PKT we decided to create a career day for them,” said PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd chief executive officer and MD Datuk Michael Tio.

Today, PKT has over 6,000 fans on their Facebook Talent Hunter page and uses the social media platform for recruitment.

Other corporate social responsibility programmes the company has embarked on include Anak Belajar Ibu Bekerja (ABIB) where they employ housewives by providing a flexible working schedule.

ABIB was created for housewives living in the five villages surrounding PKT.

“The warehousing business requires us to employ casual workers during peak periods.

“Usually, our agent will send foreign workers. We came up with the idea of employing local housewives to give them some extra income.

“We decided to revise our working procedures to suit them so that young mothers can drop their children off at school at 7.30am and come to work by 8.30am.

“They work for four hours in our warehouse until 12.30pm when they leave to pick up their children


“The older mothers will then take over their shift from 1.30pm to 5.30pm,” said Tio

Career Day not only saw participation from graduates and other job seekers, housewives from the neighbouring villagers also queued up to be interviewed by the Human Resource team.

A total of 40 companies including Macfood, Bermaz, CMA CGM Shipping Line, Westport and Feruni Ceramiche Sdn Bhd also took part, offering more than 400 job vacancies.

“Feruni is very proud to be associated with this kind of socially responsible company,’’ said the tile making company’s chief executive officer C.C. Ngei, adding they received over 140 applications.

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