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Welcome back to work! We are delighted to see you after months of working from home.

Do not fear. We at PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd have taken necessary measures to ensure that your presence at the office is one that is comfortable and sanitary.

Aside from abiding with PKT’s 3-Corona-Must, we have implemented various measures to reduce the spread of germs and viruses in our offices.

It is now a Must for everyone coming through our doors to wear a face mask at all times. Those without a face mask can obtain one from our lovely Front Desk Ambassadors.

Hand sanitisers are placed across various locations of our offices so that hands are sanitised before entering any offices or floors.

Did you know that high-touch surfaces such as door handles and lift buttons harbour various germs? That’s why we have installed a layer of antimicrobial copper coating at all high-touch surfaces such as lift buttons and door handles.

We highly recommend everyone to avoid touching these surfaces and instead, use a pen, key or their name tags to press lift buttons.

PKT’s team of hygiene specialists will also sanitise other high-touch surfaces in the office frequently throughout the day.

In addition, only four people are allowed to be in the lift at all times. They too must try to adhere to social distancing norms by each taking one corner inside the lift.

For those queueing for the lift, they too must stand 1 meter apart.

Moreover, we recognise the need for our staff to continue having their meals at our Lighthouse Bistro.

Our tables have been configured to adhere to social distancing norms of being 1 meter apart. We have also installed clear dividers on dining tables in The Lighthouse Bistro to allow diners to have meals together on the same table.

Don’t worry. Our meals are still lovingly prepared by our kitchen crew who are suited up with personal protective equipment (PPE) so every bite is a safe bite.

We hope our efforts can help to not only flatten the curve but also provide peace of mind to our staff members returning to the office.

Stay safe and Selamatkan Malaysia.

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