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Two graduates recruited by Japanese logistics company

PKT Logistics Group group chief executive officer and managing director Dato' Seri Dr Michael Tio (centre), chief marketing officer Kuan Eu Jin (right) and Peninsula College Malaysia chief executive officer Edmund Edwards (left) proudly celebrate the achievements of graduates Lee and Malisa.

Two business administration graduates have been chosen to be groomed for management roles at a major Japanese logistics company.

The two graduates from Peninsula College Malaysia in Shah Alam – Malisa Ai Muak, who graduated with BA (Hons) in Business & Management Studies, and Lee Xin Teng with BA (Hons) in Logistics Management – will take part in a two-year management trainee programme by Daisei Every24, one of Japan’s largest cold chain logistics solution providers.

They will leave for Nagoya this month.

Although their departure was delayed by travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they continued working under the college’s parent company, PKT Logistics Group, to serve Daisei Every24.

The graduates had also completed a six-month Japanese language course sponsored by Daisei.

Through Peninsula College’s “Jom! Berkerja Sambil Belajar” (JBSB) programme, students are encouraged to work part-time while studying, to bridge theory with real-world experience.

Through JBSB, Lee and Malisa had the opportunity to explore different parts of the logistics industry and interact with PKT’s clients.

In 2016, PKT and Daisei Every24 entered into a joint venture to form PKT Every24, making its first foray into the food and beverage logistics arena to service the Family Mart chain of convenience stores.

In 2018, its Japanese partners recruited the first batch of Peninsula College graduates.

Both have since returned to Malaysia and are currently employed as assistant managers at PKT Every24.

Group chief executive and managing director Datuk Seri Dr Michael Tio believes in the calibre of local talents and says the second round of recruitment is a testament to the success of Peninsula College’s education methodology.

“Our company believes in Japanese work ethics and culture. We hope our graduates will take this chance to deep-dive into the logistics sector and create an amazing career path for themselves.”

Lee credits the JBSB programme for helping her build a strong foundation at work.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunities provided to me by the college, the company and my family.

“I will work hard and hopefully contribute to the company’s future when I return,” she said.

Malisa, who is half-Thai, also spoke highly of the programme.

“JBSB has been such an important element in my tertiary education. It has pushed me and built my confidence to pursue greater opportunities,” she said.

After completing the management trainee programme, both of them will not be bound by any employment restrictions and may freely chart their careers.

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